2018 Schedule and Course Descriptions

Below are the current courses scheduled. 

Private classes are available for one day workshops.

Please, feel free to contact me to host a class at your location, or for your staff.   I have presented for many Hotel Resort's staff, and consulted on protocol for pregnancy, sports, and geriatric massage, as well.

Please, contact me if you do not see one of my classes listed.  I am happy to set a date and build a class around you!

2018 Course Schedule:

September 29-30: Pediatric Massage for Challenging Behaviors:

Cortiva Tucson, AZ, Sat-Sun., 9am-6pm both days, 16CE, Including:

• Medical massage for Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD

• Medical massage for Sensory Processing Disorders SPD

• Medical massage for Anxiety/Depression

• Medical massage for Attention Deficit and Hyper Activity Disorders ADHD

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Attendees will learn about children who have strange behaviors, and why they are unable to respond appropriately to ordinary experiences.  During this workshop attendees will learn about four different areas of dysfunction, and how to work with both children and their parents, as well as, being part of their integrative health plan through massage therapy.  Liability, positioning and draping, communication skills, specific massage techniques and protocol will be covered for children with ASD, SPD, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression.  Attendees will learn to teach these techniques to parents, caregivers, and teachers.

Student Requirements:  Two sets of sheets, a heavy blanket, massage lotion, pen, and water bottle. 

Course Investment: $350, includes a Knukkles Massage Tool

 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to…

•             Identify the different anatomy/physiology of children Vs adults
•             Name features of brain malfunctions common in Autism and other SPDs.
•             Identify and describe the human senses, and how they can positively affect children’s                  emotional and physical development
•             Define sensory processing, sensory integration, and sensory disorders
•             Describe how pediatric massage can affect children with special needs
•             List the benefits of pediatric to children in the four different categories of behaviors
•             List the benefits of pediatric massage to parents
•             Describe a massage therapist’s roll in integrative healthcare
•             Identify and explore specific techniques to support children with sensory processing                      dysfunction
•             Identify the different characteristics of the four topic of behaviors
•             Communicate sensitively with parents
•             Recite history, research in each four categories of pediatric massage
•             Perform specific massage techniques and protocol suited for SPDs
•             Teach a basic pediatric massage routine to assist parents and caregivers
•             Identify helpful and harmful essential oils for each category of pediatric massage
•             Create a marketing plan for this specific target market

October 21: Pregnancy Most Common Complaints: Sun., 9am-6pm, 8CE
Cortiva Tucson, AZ

Course Description: This intense 1-day seminar will teach you the tools to work with pregnant women using a set of techniques and standards that explores the physiological, structural, and emotional well-being of both the mother and her child. The hands-on demonstration and practice will focus on the most troublesome areas reported by pregnant women. Students will be able to understand and recognize contraindications, possible complications, and risk factors of pregnancy. We will also cover up-to-date research to help validate this work, as well as, a marketing segment to help you grow your practice! Engaging lectures, discussion, and guided practice will help you to adapt your own protocols and techniques.

Prerequisites: Designed for massage therapists, that have graduated from a 500 or more-hour program, or other health related professional with an understanding of anatomy. Any other bodywork students and practitioners seeking the theoretical understanding to safely adapt their own protocols and techniques to pregnancy's demands may be allowed with prior authorization.

Required Class Materials: 2 sets of sheets, 4-6 pillows (at least 2 king size), massage lotion, wear or bring comfortable clothing for practical portion of class. Water bottle and a pen.

Tuition investment: $175

November 10-11: Side-Lying Massage and Stretching

Cortiva Tucson, AZ, Sat-Sun., 9am-5pm both days, 14CE

and January 14, 15-Glendale, AZ:

Course Description: This workshop will teach you how to safely and effectively work with clients in a side-lying position.  Students will learn how to comfortably position clients so that both the client and the therapist don’t risk injury; especially those with low back, hip or shoulder pain.  Students will learn how to easily drape their clients.  Students will learn the benefits of side-lying massage, as well as, the contraindications, and current research.

Students learn many advanced massage techniques for the low back, hips, neck and shoulder, including PNF stretches, and other passive and active movements aimed at helping dysfunctional joints and soft tissue. Students will learn to facilitate normalization of nerve function and myofascial organization in painful areas with trigger point, structural integration, Swedish and cross-fiber treatment protocols.

Side-Lying Massage teaches students more ways to work with a wide variety of clients, from maternity clients, to clients facing health problems, to athletes.  Students will also be able to explore, with more access into the multidimensional layers with movements and stretching, getting into muscles like they have never been able to do before in prone or supine.

Tuition Investment: $325

Required Class Materials: 2 sets of sheets, 4-6 pillows (at least 2 king size), massage lotion, wear or bring comfortable clothing for practical portion of class. Water bottle and a pen.

Arizona Live Continuing Education Courses: Through Dec 31st, 2018 
(Times & Locations​)

September 29-30 Pediatric Massage for Challenging Behaviors, 16CE, Tucson 
October 21, Pregnancy Most Common Complaint Areas, 8CE, Tucson     
October 22, Cupping, Private Event, Canyon Ranch,Tucson
November 4, Kinesiology Taping, Avondale
November 10-11, Side-Lying Massage and Stretching, 14CE, Tucson

2019 CE Listings
January 14-15, Side-Lying Massage and Stretching, 14CE, Glendale

November 14, Pregnancy Massage, Private Event MEU